Ayman Khalifa, Egyptian musician, founder of instrumental rock band (Instrumental Therapy) and was a member of blues band (blues on the rocks), have always been so excited to start my own solo project, I began to record tracks whenever I had the chance to. I performed some of  rock originals Live in different concerts.

It all started when I was a child, I was so interested in an old program called (Morgul player), it helped me to understand how different instruments can be combined together to produce a piece of music, then I tried to work on it to make little music of my own, it was nothing serious but it gave me an idea how things work together, then I bought my 1st classic guitar in 1999, began to learn music, by the same time I got another program (MOD plug tracker) which was advanced than the 1st one and this time I made a little music samples out of it, I was enjoying creating music with this program so much, came after that the Calkwalk, which helped me in Live recording, Now I am using the Cubase SX, Propellerhead Reason 4.0.



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